Don’t take my word for it, listen to what others have to say……

“It takes a huge and fierce heart, a genuine care about making a difference, and an inner boldness to put yourself out there and make the difference Annie Harvey was born to make. Her no-nonsense style, mixed with a delightful sense of humour and fun, and her broad and deep expertise make being in one of Annie’s audiences a rare treat.  You’ll walk away feeling inspired, and armed with a practical tool kit you can use to live your life with less stress, more joy, and a type of self-compassion you probably never knew you could have. When Annie’s coming your way, make sure you claim a seat in her audience. You’ll be so glad you did.” (Tricia Karp, April 2016)


“Our session with Annie was such a fun and creative way to bring the whole staff together to create a sense of connection and wellbeing. We started by engaging in a very quiet mindful practice that provided us with some techniques we can use to apply mindful attention to our everyday lives. We moved on to a very new experience in laughter yoga and the quietness evolved into a different mindful experience of outrageous laughter. A fabulous whole staff experience.” (Cathy Sires – Principal St Patrick’s Special School, January 2017)


I really appreciated the skills practised in your mindfulness course. To start with it made me realise just how hectic my brain is, it’s justified with how much thinking and problem solving we do as teachers on top of the usual life stuff but I have begun to compartmentise my thoughts and come back to these thoughts when I make the time. Mindful choices lead to mindful habits! I am genuinely happier and calmer and enjoying time with my family and activities as I am being more present. The benefits for my students are clear and I look forward to hearing their responses on what they notice. It has also given me skills to use in ‘those’ moments when I need to breathe before responding. Kristin Anderson, Marymount College, March 2017


The staff had a great time, it was so much fun but also so relevant to our work. So many people said how they will use the mindfulness techniques in their lives and most of them laughed for the rest of the day! Cathy sires


 The feedback has been so wonderful, people are expressing they felt genuinely inspired by your words.  You were a real asset to our kick off meeting and we hope to be engaging with you more in the future. (Michelle Battersby, CEO, April 2017


“Annie gave us a refreshing insight into some incredibly valuable self-care tools. As we are a child protection program the stress of our work (coupled with everyday stressors) causes regular burn out and fatigue.  Annie created a safe space for open discussion and reflection, giving permission to individuals to consider their own needs over others.  It was an entertaining and a very real presentation as Annie selflessly shared her own life experiences and how, with the help of mindfulness and other tools, she has managed to cope with change over the years.  Even some of the toughest critics in the group fed back that they definitely could take away some useful tools to use with their family and clients.  The only negative was that the time spent with Annie was not long enough, we have already discussed having Annie back for a half/full day to present to a larger group in our unit. We cannot thank-you enough Annie. “ (Laura Hooper, Senior Family Preservation Worker, Centacare Catholic Family Services, April 2017)