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When were you last STILL?

When were you last STILL? Today? Yesterday? Last week? Can you even remember when you last stopped, even for a few moments? A brief pause when you weren’t chasing a deadline, late for a meeting, heading off to meet someone for something, somewhere? If you are having trouble remembering, you are not alone. In our […]

What have you done today to make you feel PROUD?

Heather Small’s PROUD was released in May 2000.  In 2005, the song was adopted as the official theme for the London 2012 Olympic bid. Here’s the video to watch at end of my blog….The song was also re-released on The Biggest Loser soundtrack in 2006. blog continued under video…. Why am I writing about this?  Well […]


a week on in mum’s journey

Some people think it’s strange that I publish blogs on my mum, but hey, it’s my way of dealing with it and hopefully some people can learn from it too. Tough reading ahead perhaps for some. And if you don’t want to read, that’s fine too. Stop here. After coming into palliative care last Thursday, […]

On the eve of another journey….

Tomorrow, mum’s door to her home closes as she enters another door, the palliative care door at our local aged care home. Things have moved on quickly in the last few days…..Mum is in quite a bit of pain and very weak. The tough, but right decision was made yesterday to ensure that she is […]

boiled or scrambled?

Recurring patterns? When I needed to eat but didn’t feel like it, my best mate Wendy delivered boiled eggs to my door each day. This was back in 1998. Today, 2017, I delivered scrambled eggs to my mum’s bedside. She ate about 3 mouthfuls. This is all we can expect. The loss of weight and […]


The Seven Ages of Man….

I have known these famous words below from Shakespeare’s As You Like It since I was a teenager at school. Today however I feel like I came close to really ‘knowing’ them. My day started with ‘the lover’, Mark and I having a breakfast date together. Then it moved to ‘the infant’ as I visited […]


Another Door Opens, another journey begins

Dealing with this next  journey with mum via writing. Mum not only has Alzheimer’s but now has lung cancer. Even though her memory doesn’t allow her to remember her diagnosis last week, psychologically and physically something has changed. She has rapidly gone downhill in just a week. She’s not eating much at all, if anything. […]

Day 14 Let them eat cake…

14 days in – an update on my mindful week of change…..#brightlineeating bootcamp over and I’ve lost 4kg and feel great! No sugar, flour or alcohol has passed my lips for 14 days. Last night was the biggest challenge, with family, sitting in front of pizza, birthday cake, ice-cream and sparkling shiraz and my evening consisteed […]

An aha moment in the rain..

My favourite piece of classical music is playing, it’s pouring outside and I’ve just had an AHA moment with my book. Yes I’m writing a book if you didn’t know. I’m so glad I’ve chosen my 14 days of dieting to edit this book as I have so much clarity and energy without the poison […]

sharing with you…

Day 7 of no flour or sugar or alcohol! Feeling really good actuallly. As I go about my day mostly mindfully these days, I notice that I have more energy. Only last year I went through numerous sleep tests as I needed to sleep all day. I’ve not needed any naps in last 7 days […]