Tomorrow, mum’s door to her home closes as she enters another door, the palliative care door at our local aged care home. Things have moved on quickly in the last few days…..Mum is in quite a bit of pain and very weak. The tough, but right decision was made yesterday to ensure that she is now cared for in the best way possible.

Dad has what we call a British ‘stiff upper lip’ – always has. But at the weekend this lip started to quiver and eventually the tears came, something I’ve never experienced with my family. Hard as it was, I sat with dad: allowed him the space to cry, allowed him the space to talk. He’s a very scared 89yr old man. On the same day we celebrated together their 62nd wedding anniversary. Mum was out of bed for the first time in days, actually weeks (I’m losing track of time a bit at the moment). The photo below is one I’ve found hard to share, as many of you will see the change in her. Her arm holding me says it all.

Today I spent time washing mum’s clothes, visiting solicitors etc then packing her suitcase with clean clothes and special items to make her new room feel like home. We had some laughs as I found photos and journals in her bottom drawer. Another comic, slightly mad moment this afternoon too when I realized I was watching an empty tumble dryer where I had accidentally put the coins whilst her wet clothes sat still above.

This last photo shows Mark, my soulmate and rock, who will be by my side for the next little while along with, I know, many of our family and friends in Australia and around the world.  Probably my last post for a bit so I can just ‘be’ with mum in her new home as the next door opens…

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