On the eve of my 50th month I wanted to share a few things with you, prompted by a friend asking me why I’m filling my life with so many new things at the moment. She thought it was because I was scared of being 50!

Now I have to admit that every time I reach a new age milestone ending in a zero I have been through a bit of emotional upheaval, but honestly, now that it’s nearly hear, the big ’50’ isn’t that scary. In fact I’m fine with it, even embracing it.

So, here’s the honest bit. Up until now I’ve struggled, really struggled at times, to reconcile my maternal instincts with not having children.  For whatever reason, that hasn’t happened. And no, as much as we joke about it, our ‘fur baby’ is not a substitute, cute though she is.

It was only last year, after reading more than 100 self-development books, and working with a life coach, that I realised my true life purpose: to help as many people as possible and to experience joy and connection in everything I do. That’s the truth behind all of the challenges I am taking on at the moment, why I retrained to be a life coach and why turning 50, or 60, or even 70, holds no fear for me now. That’s what I will tell my friend if she asks again. And the great thing now is that as a coach I spend every day helping others find their life purpose as well. What a joy!

The sheer thrill of living on purpose (honestly, I feel like I’m on drugs some days!) is that everything I do is driven by that purpose. Starting our tutoring business was the start: although I wasn’t aware of it at the time, I just knew that it felt right. But now all my new challenges share that purpose. Teaching myself to swim, kayaking on open water, boogyboarding and laughing like a loon, even dressing up as one of 100 Marilyn Monroes and swimming around Brighton Jetty to raise money for cancer research (Oh yes I am!).

The joy of trying all these new things is what counts most. It’s not that I have to be successful at all of them, but once I try them they bring me joy and I want to keep going. The swimming and kayaking have made new connections too. This is what I mean. Look for the joy and connection in everything. The joy of eating mindfully, the connection with everyone I meet, the joy of my dog’s wagging tail each morning. If we look really closely, we can find joy in the simplest of things. Talking of joy…

People on Purpose

Just met Sarah Tinney, a beautiful girl, inside and out, who lives in a castle in Brighton. Now yes I have to admit this meeting came about via social media initially when I saw an opportunity to try a new experience that most people in life may just not experience. No, not skydiving, no not shark diving, but swimming in the ocean dressed as the all-American icon Marilyn Monroe. And not just me, but 99 others!

When I met Sarah earlier this week and she invited me into her castle with open arms, vulnerability, humility and an infectious energy. I immediately felt a connection. This woman is living on purpose, and has a mission to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Council SA and is a true inspiration to any woman and her beautiful children. Leading nicely on to…

New things this week

Well the obvious is Marilyn Monroe today (the shore version at least).

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