Interesting topic for my first blog in a while. Hope you’ll forgive me ha ha!

Last week I received an apology, something I had not expected in the six years since the event. Nevertheless an apology it was. So I guess this gave me closure even though that is what I thought I had achieved by forgiving all those years ago.

Now after much research, let’s get one thing straight. Forgiveness is NOT about accepting that what that person did was right. In my experience there are 3 aspects to forgiving:

  1.  a willingness to detach from your story
  2.  be open up to your pain, to fully feel it (I use mindfulness and self-compassion for this).
  3. once all the hurt has been expressed, open your heart. Perhaps even put yourself in their shoes. Practise compassion.

From this understanding and compassion, we can then forgive. Humility has brought me home to this place. If you have any tips on how you forgive, I would love to hear them below,eg have you ever written the person a letter then burned it? Yes I tried that too!

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