14 days in – an update on my mindful week of change…..#brightlineeating bootcamp over and I’ve lost 4kg and feel great! No sugar, flour or alcohol has passed my lips for 14 days. Last night was the biggest challenge, with family, sitting in front of pizza, birthday cake, ice-cream and sparkling shiraz and my evening consisteed of a litre of sparkling water with a slice of lemon. And guess what, I had a lovely time too! So I will continue on this journey now as I feel it’s right for me, my mind and my body.

And leading on to what’s right for my mind and body, this week I read an article about ‘want’ goals and ‘means’ goals in your life. My ‘means’ goal is all about, despite genetics, not taking on all mum’s chronic illnesses including high cholesterol, aneurysms, diabetes, Alzheimers and now, mum’s cancer is back. I got the news just before presenting to some social workers on Friday about how to manage stress when change happens. Irony eh? My daily mindfulness skills got me through some pretty difficult conversations this week and I truly believe I have the tools to take me forward through this next journey with mum. First step on this journey this week is arranging palliative care for when she needs it at home. Mum’s lung cancer is quite progressive now and she finds it hard to walk as she’s out of breath so much. 89yrd old Dad is still her sole carer at home. Dad and I are on that next journey together now. Of course I can’t teach dad mindfulness but I do notice that when I’m calm around him and mum, he is calmer too. This is all I can ask.

(ps let them eat cake was a referral to mum who is losing weight – when i asked what she would like to eat every day, she said CAKE. and why not I say!)

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