Day 1 – Mindful dieting

Wow what a day. I’m so glad that I’ve been practising mindfulness for a while, otherwise I think I would have gone compeltely mad! The sensations, feelings, thoughts and emotions (yes they’re all different) were incredible and all day long. For exammple, around 2.30pm I’m writing in my garden office and the sun disappears and my body then mind tells me it must be winter so time for comfort food, which naturally would contain either flour or sugar, a big no-no on this diet! Of course, as they always do, once you notice the thoughts but don’t grasp at them, they dissolve, come and go. What I also noticed is how long it takes to eat ‘whole food’! From preparing my lunch to finishing was 45mins – does it reallly take that long to eat some hummus, veggies and an apple! Well yes it does! Even though I should be in the moment for that time eating, that’s a long time for even the best mediators. So I now listen to a podcast. And the time between dinner and bed-time seemed like forever! My moods were all over the place, I guess as I wasn’t topping them up with addictive sugar or flour content. Anyway today I woke up energised at 5.30am so I guess it’s working?  until tomorrow…..

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