The eve of a new era – tomorrow I will remove sugar and flour from my diet. It’s a lifestyle diet I’ve come across to help me do this (called Bright Line Eating). For some years I’ve been meaning to give up flour to help my digestion. But more recently I’ve been reading about how flour changes to sugar. Sugar has now also been linked to the onset of dementia. This weekend my mum didn’t know who I was, for the first time. She was diagnosed with dementia 4 years ago. This has been the shock I needed I guess to make a start.

Today, Easter Sunday, I’ve gorged on pizza, croissants, sausage rolls, apple juice, chocolate and wine. None of which will be in my diet from tomorrow. My journey will be hard but I’m hoping to help sooth it with mindfulness and self-care. For the next 14 days I’ll blog about the journey so in the future it may help others. Until tomorrow…

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