Not working in a school full time these days, I sometimes miss the community gatherings. Take today, Harmony Day, when I’m sure your children have gone off to school in orange?  But, for a change, here’s my take on the word ‘harmony’ today.

Harmony is beautiful. It might be the moment that your mouth bites into that Lindt chocolate or it could be your child’s hand wrapped around your finger. The sound of the storm like yesterday in Adelaide. Occurrences that seem to come together perfectly at a particular moment in time.

How often do you feel absolute harmony? It was International Day of Happiness yesterday. Just a moment of the ‘harmony’ I talk about can bring us that moment of happiness.

Mindfulness is necessary to feel harmonious. Practicing mindfulness allows the flow of harmony to be felt. When the mind travels to the past, dwells on the ‘what was,’ or worries over the future and the ‘what ifs,’ it will often miss out on the ‘what is’, right here, right now.

Mindfulness can be practiced at any moment — sipping your tea, having a shower, or playing with your child.

‘Busyness’ and multi-tasking is just considered the norm. We can sit on our phone and fold laundry next to our child, who is doing his homework and eating dinner with the television on in the background. The mind is accepting and adapting to this amount of input and can often become cluttered.  This is how stress and being mentally and physically overwhelmed manifests as other harmful symptoms.

Practicing mindfulness allows the brain to slow down, de-clutter, and be present, at peace and in the moment.

Mindfulness doesn’t have to be practiced every moment of the day. It can be one minute of your day until you become more comfortable and self-aware. Whichever moment you choose it to be, fully embrace that moment and be present. Allow your thoughts to pass by as if they are clouds in the sky, leaves on a stream or cars passing by.

Pay attention, using all your senses. .and feel into that ‘harmony’….

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