Day 7 of no flour or sugar or alcohol! Feeling really good actuallly. As I go about my day mostly mindfully these days, I notice that I have more energy. Only last year I went through numerous sleep tests as I needed to sleep all day. I’ve not needed any naps in last 7 days and sleep for about 7hours straight. So is this due to no sugar and flour? I can’t think of another reason! The past week has been stressful again (yes I’m a mindfulness educator and I have stress too, there’s no getting away with it!). This time from a call from dad, who informs me that mum’s GP thinks her cancer is back so more scans next week. Before mindfulness training, I would have put the phone down, screamed or cried hysterically and then gone off on a mind journey of what if, how, when, future talk. This time, as mindfulness trains us to do, I just sat with the sensations and unfomfortable feelings in my body, just for a few mins, then went to my breath, then back to my body. And yes those sensations dissolved, with no tears. Each and every day I have to pinch myself that this mindfulness ‘woo woo’ stuff really does work! and we alll have it within us, if we dare to go there.

Off to get on the scales now as my bloating has disappeared so surely I must have lost weight too.

ps. as I clicked ‘post’ to share my blog today, my body ‘fluttered’ – yes that’s a sensation, then came the emotion of gratidude and love, then the thought “i feel better now i’ve shared, I’m not alone.”

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